We sell unique, tailor-made and ethical fashion from the heart of Africa

  • The Story of Langi


    Across Africa, people have been wearing bright colours for centuries. Langi means 'colour' in Luganda, one of the main languages spoken in Uganda. Tailors who fled from conflict-ridden countries like the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, are creating beautiful clothes for women. These clothes are always uniquely made for each woman - because no woman is the same. That's why they always fit so nicely.


    We believe in building a bridge between Africa and Europe through fashion. Langi is a social enterprise that supports refugees in Uganda, while picking the most colourful garments from across to African continent to design and tailor unique clothes for women in Europe. By wearing these items in Europe, we wear an African story.

  • The Tailor's Story



    Uganda is hosting the largest number of refugees in the Great Lakes Region, the eastern part of Africa. This region is afflicted by several conflicts, with Congo (DRC) and South Sudan experiencing the most intense, violent and brutal civil war. As of January 2019, Uganda was hosting up to 1,2 million refugees. Many refugees are struggling to make a living as they often are not recognized as citizens and continue to operate in the informal economy.


    Tailors from Congo are said to be the best in the region. Together with our partner Rise-Up Hub, refugees receive training to design and tailor unique fashion items. With two centres in Kyebando and Nsambya (Kampala), the Hub has trained 35 urban refugees and currently employs 8 in their design shop. By wearing Langi clothes you are giving these tailors a chance to build their career and earn a living wage in Uganda.



  • How it Works



    Pick your favorite item from our high-quality collections, and choose the fabric you would want us to use to tailor it.



    Take your measurements and provide them to us. The stock-items all have measurements written down, so maybe your size is already there!



    Pay with PayPal or Tikkie, and your fashion will be delivered to you within 2-4 weeks depending on your location!


    Living fashion to fit your personality.

  • About us



    At LANGI we aim to connect African tailoring craftsmanship and its unique, colourful fabrics with contemporary designs. LANGI is a social enterprise set up by Marlijn Berendsen and Nathalie Dijkman, two dutch friends who have always had a love for fashion. Nathalie currently lives in Kampala and has befriended many East Africans.


    Our items are currently on sale on our website as sample sizes we have in stock in The Netherlands. We often add new fabrics to our store, so you are also able to choose your favorite fabric, design, and send us your measurements and your item will be made to order from Uganda. So that you can colour your own identity.


    During the COVID19 outbreak, we decided to use all the scraps we have to create colourful face masks - a great way to protect yourself and look unique, while supporting Uganda's informal economy during this crisis. We currently ship these masks all across Europe.


    While we work hard to source new fabrics together with our tailors in Uganda, you are very welcome to enquire after possibilities or to place a pre-order for your own measurements. Simply email us at langiamsterdam@gmail.com.


    Get in touch!